Our Story in Video

See Mike telling his stories about different styles of mutual provision (economic systems), about perpetual biological cycles and about what it means to be a good person. Mike offers a portal through which to glimpse a sense of something else — a direction in which sustainability can be found.

Exponential Growth 1. Exponential Growth (3:09)
A Short clip explaining how civilization has managed to reach planetary limits.
Life After Growth 2. Life After Growth (0:58)
What awaits humankind when we recognize that, as a species, we are now grown up?
"To Hold On" 3. "To Hold On" (2:50)
A spoken word poem by Maya Thau-Eleff prepared for the book launch of "Life, Money and Illusion"
Most of Life is a Gas 4. Most of Life is a Gas (1:29)
Jean Baptiste Van Helmont demonstrated that most of what it takes to live is freely available in the water and the air.
Pattern Integrity 101 5. Pattern Integrity 101 (1:54)
A short clip explaining that we can focus on enjoying life, if we treat the material cycles with care and respect. More on this here
The Price of a Barrel of Oil 6. The Price of a Barrel of Oil (1:29)
It is hard to imagine how valuable oil is to us. This video illustrates that value.
The Growth Hormone of Society 7. The Growth Hormone of Society (4:52)
Does society have to grow until we drop? See how today's monetary system compels expansion, even as we stretch Earth's limits.
Metamorphosis of Civilization 8. Metamorphosis of Civilization (1:37)
The human family is now grown up. As we touch planetary limits, it is comforting to know the change ahead is entirely normal.
Two More Lessons from Metamorphosis 9. 2 More Lessons from Metamorphosis (1:55)
The process of change that a caterpillar goes through has much to teach those who want to adapt our societies for a secure future. One more observation.
Sustain Well-Being [part 1] 10. Living on Earth as if We Want to Stay
The first of four videos in a 21 minute prestation to the Rotary Club of Cobourg. See the full series here.
"Radiate"How to Embed YouTube Video by VideoLightBox.com v1.8m 11. "Radiate" (2:46)
A spoken word poem by Maya Thau-Eleff presented at the Citizen's Inquiry on Uranium Mining.

12. Note: there is a third lesson from the Metamorphosis story

Other clips:

Guideposts for a Sustainable Future - the video

This video was produced in 1990. We've come a long way since, tho in many ways, the issues are much the same. The perspective of 30 years can provide a sort of binocular vision bringing today's situation better into focus.

Long since moved to Lanark County, materials are available from sustain5@web.ca

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