This is an exciting addition to the two videos on the Metamorphosis of Civilization. They are the 8th and 9th on that video index page.

Something to Look Forward To

At present we have no video covering this last insight offered by metamorphosis. This hopeful look at the changes ahead came to my attention in the fall of 2010, after our video savvy Intern, Greg Upham-Mills, went back to school.

The third lesson from this analogy came four years after the first. Another microbiologist pointed out that when the basic form of the butterfly has been established, all the rest of the protoplasm of the caterpillar turns fluid and flows into the butterfly's form.

In the necessary transformation of our societies, this is where those who have recognized that we cannot grow forever on this finite planet have conceived of and demonstrated the basic vision and form of a world that can endure into the distant future. When we reach that point, all the wealth, skill and ability of our entire civilization will start to work toward establishing a truly sustainable world. Once we have reached that point, after a decade of hard work we would no longer worry about the world that the children are growing into.