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The Sustainability Project

New: Mini-Course on Shifting Society's Goals

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Three books, cards and a kit are listed here.


The materials listed below are available on this server. They are public domain and reproduction is encouraged.

NEW: Beyond Enough; Four Months Lost

NEW: The Rise and (eventual) Fall of Capital

NEW: Radical Abundance Can Save Us

New: More Fun, Less Stuff

Planet of the Humans - Stimulus for Change

Scarcity and Abundance

Life After Growth

Worthy of Our Better Selves

* Global Monopoly Game

Needed: A New Game

Building Resilience in Perth and Area;
Perth Town Hall Meeting:

When Things Seem Overwhelming: It's Never Too Late

In the Interest of the Seventh Generation

A Most Potent Action for Securing the Future

Speaking of Transformation

The Emperor Has No Clothes; How the tide turns

aka: Shared Recognition

Change Begins with a Conversation

* Three Potent Steps to a Sane Economy

The Maturation of the Human Species

A Silver Lining to the Economic Downturn

Transforming Toward Sustainability
Civilization is coming of age.

Sustainability, Shifting Goals and the Occupy movement

Black Monday Revisited.
The Black Monday of October 6th 2008 has more in common with its name sake from two decades earlier, than the news has explained.

Let's Talk About Sustainability - An overview of the topic, with information on how to participate in the Sustainability Project, and how to receive additional resource materials.

A Strategy for Long Term Well-Being- The Sustainability Project's strategy for a better future.

Reduce, Reuse, Recession - A warning from the economic cycle.

Where will the Grandchildren Live: an Alternative View of Retirement.

Education and Sustainability
Education is practically free, from the sustainability perspective.

Best bet for a Sustainable Future
One vision from the 20th Century that was not tried.

Outline for a Great Debate - an outline of the sustainability or growth debate.

Seeds for Change - A full explanation of how sustainability cards work.

Visioning; Sustainability and Community Planning - Any exercise to envision the future is well served by clearly identifying what is possible and desirable.

A Three R's Savings Plan - (RRRSP)

Exchange-a-Teen Suggested solution for an age old problem.

Including Non-Monetary Values in Decision Making

Of Ice and Energy - an article inspired by the great ice storm of 1998.

Music of the Motors, Where will you be?

A Riddle for Our Times.

The End of Shorter Hours - When we chose consumerism instead of increasing leisure.

Measuring Well-Being
An introduction to measuring Genuine Progress
and the Canada Well-Being Measurement Act

The Genuine Progress Indicator

Global Monopoly Game

Making Markets Work for Sustainability - a look at policy options drawn from The Ecology of Commerce by Paul Hawken and For the Common Good by Herman Daly and John Cobb.

Under the Street Light - a look at why the real issue is often missed.

How Economic Growth has Enriched the Few, Impoverished the Many and Endangered the Planet. - a précis of Richard Douthwaite's book The Growth Illusion.

Learning, Love and Laughter; A Solution - Cause for hope in our troubled times.

Declaration of the Four Sacred Things, a committment to the living Earth.

Garbage and Growth: The Problem is Rooted in Values - a look at the connection between garbage and growth.

Save the Seas, the Land and Ourselves. Reprint from Ocean Voice International.

The Parable of the Elephant

Disaster or Solution? - The Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP)

Better than the MAI - A critic of the Multilateral Agreement on Investment.