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The Sustainability Project / 7th Generation Initiative is an educational, non-profit organization that exists to collect, study, develop and teach ideas, information, technologies and customs that promote green values and lead toward a sustainable future.

Mike Nickerson

Mike Nickerson first encountered sustainability as a co-director of the Institute for the Study of Cultural Evolution. The organization's study of the aspirations and concerns of citizens' groups culminated in 1974 with the point form summary, now known as the Guideposts for a Sustainable Future.

. The background detail of the study was published in 1977 under the title Change the World I Want to Stay On. In 1990 Mr. Nickerson completed production of the Guideposts for a Sustainable Future video along with an accompanying workshop kit. In 1993 his second book Planning for Seven Generations was published in paperback. His most recent book, Life, Money and Illusion; Living on Earth as if we want to stay," first published in 2006, has been republished (fall 2009) in a second edition by New Society Publishers.

Mike coordinated an initiative to establish a Genuine Progress Index for Canada. He is the Executive Director of The Sustainability Project and spends several months of the year travelling across Canada, making presentations and facilitating meetings on "how to live on Earth as if we want to stay". He lives near the village of Lanark, Ontario and supports his interest in cultural evolution doing custom woodwork. He would like to spend more time growing things.

Kenrick Chin

Kenrick Chin

Kenrick Chin is an electronics and computer engineer. He cycles 5K to work when weather permits and works from home whenever he can. Ken teaches electronics and computers at McMaster University and in his leisure time enjoys gardening, sailing, photography, classical guitar, jazz guitar and bass. He and his family live in Dundas, Ontario, population of twenty thousand, where he is promoting sustainability. He is a founding member of Transition Town Dundas.

Visit Ken's website: The Steady-State Initiative