Measuring Well-Being

scales The 7th Generation Initiative aims to focus discussion on the goals we want our societies to pursue, and a public choice about the values we want to have underlie public and other decision making.

Besides the links to the ongoing well-being measurement work of the Suzuki and Atkinson Foundations, his page accesses materials produced while the Canada Well-Being Measurement Act was being promoted in the House of Commons, 1997 - 2003. While some action items are dated the explanations remain valid and the need even more pressing.
Since the 2003 vote on the Canada Well-Being Measurement Act, an number of initiatives have emerged.
The Atkinson Charitable Foundation has gathered much of the talent that produced the Canada Well-Being Measurement Act and is well on its way to creating the Canadian Index of Well-Being.

David Suzuki Foundation takes on Well-being Measurement Program.

Human Resources and Social Development Canada has posted
some indicators of well-being in Canada.

Motion M-385 passes in the House of Commons - June 3, 2003
Text of discussion leading to the vote.

Measurement Act Scheduled for discussionin the House of Commons June 2, 2003.

Key Points in the Canada Well-Being Measurement Act and the purpose of instituting genuine progress measurement in Canada.

The Genuine Progress Index
An early model for improving our measure of well-being.

Introduction from Joe Jordan MP to the Canada Well-Being Measurement Act, and his speech in the House of Commons.

The Canada Well-Being Measurement Act

Municipal Endorsements:

Measuring Well-Being: Table of Contents & text.
This document provides the background information upon which the 7th Generation Initiative and theCanada Well-Being Measurement Act are based.

The idea is catching on. Federal Cabinet Ministers are talking about Measuring Well-Being.
Gaining All Party Support.

Purpose and Principles