Measuring Well-Being

scales The 7th Generation Initiative aims to focus discussion on the goals we want our societies to pursue, and a public choice about the values we want to have underlie public and other decision making.

Besides the links to the ongoing well-being measurement work of the Suzuki and Atkinson Foundations, his page accesses materials produced while the Canada Well-Being Measurement Act was being promoted in the House of Commons, 1997 - 2003. While some action items are dated the explanations remain valid and the need even more pressing.
Since the 2003 vote on the Canada Well-Being Measurement Act, an number of initiatives have emerged.
The Atkinson Charitable Foundation has gathered much of the talent that produced the Canada Well-Being Measurement Act and is well on its way to creating the Canadian Index of Well-Being.

Motion M-385 passes in the House of Commons - June 3, 2003
Text of discussion leading to the vote.

Measurement Act Scheduled for discussionin the House of Commons June 2, 2003.

The Genuine Progress Index
An early model for improving our measure of well-being.

Introduction from Joe Jordan MP to the Canada Well-Being Measurement Act, and his speech in the House of Commons.

The Canada Well-Being Measurement Act

Measuring Well-Being: Table of Contents & text.
This document provides the background information upon which the 7th Generation Initiative and theCanada Well-Being Measurement Act are based.

The idea is catching on. Federal Cabinet Mi├črs are talking about Measuring Well-Being.
Gaining All Party Support.

Purpose and Principles