Humankind is faced with an historic challenge.  Collectively, we have grown to where we are stretching the limits of our planet, yet society's goal is more growth.  Now that continued expansion is causing our biggest problems, we need a goal that aims to stabilize our impacts.  This mini-course gives some of the thinking as to how we might accomplish that. 

Free Mini-Course

This Mini-Course, offers you foundational material on cultural evolution, particularly as it applies to the shift toward a sustainable future.

This material will help you to imagine how we can create a better world and lays a foundation for cooperating toward that end. We recommend it for anyone who wants to spend the rest of their life in the future (or knows someone who does.)

This course consists of 11 short article or videos, plus two additional articles added recently. Originally, these were delivered one a week, providing time to think about each before the next arrived. Alas, the Internet service we were using cost more than was practical for providing free material.

You can find the entire mini-course here.