Thoughts About Society

Change Begins With a Conversation

Fixing the Narrative

An Up-Side for the Time Ahead

A Silver Lining to Economic Downturn

A Most Potent Action for Securing the Future

Community Cohesion

Learning, Love and Laughter - A Key to Sustainability

Where Will the Grandchildren Live: An Alternative View of Retirement

Getting From Here to There - A basic introduction to More Fun, Less Stuff.

It's Never Too Late: When things seem overwhelming.

An audio-visual break: Stories Told at Occupy Ottawa
(seven minutes)

Transforming Our Culture Toward Sustainability

How the Tide Turns: The Emperor Has No Clothes.

A Future that Works: Visions of a Post-Growth World
How do we get a civilization that has been growing for 10,000 years to realize that it is grown up now? Getting bigger is no longer what we need to do.

Outline for a Great Debate - More than one prescription for society's ills.

One Thing Changes All Else Our effect on the Earth has gone from insignificant to world changing.

Education and Sustainability - From the Earth's perspective, education is practically free.

A Strategy for long-term well-being.

The Challenge and the Goal

A Question of Direction

A Best Bet for a Workable System - Both Communism and Capitalism have been found wanting. A third way proposed by Gandhi remains to be tried.

Shared Recognition The basis for compelling change.

Beyond Enough; Bill Rees talks about: the dysfunction of Growth-based policy and the social and economic reprecussions of overshooting planetary limits.

In the Interest of the Seventh Generation

A New Story to guide our transformation

Visioning - Sustainability and Community Planning

Under a Street Light - We can't solve the PolyCrisis with economic growth.

Commiting to a Sustainable Future

Managing Garbage - The problem is rooted in Growth.

Parable of the Elephant: Social, economic and biological problems are all parts of the same beast.