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A recent presentation by Mike Nickerson outlining biological and economic possibilities for a sustainable future.

Shifting Society's Goals

This 7th Generation Initiative looks at Cultural Evolution from several directions:

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Our present effort is focused around
the meme

More Fun, Less Stuff

Picture a world where work has the purpose of caring for people and the Earth. The phrase More Fun, Less Stuff contains the essential shift from economics that aim for the perpetual growth of wealth, to a system that aims for healthy human communities on a thriving planet. We encourage you to consider this from an alternate viewpoint.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

Albert Einstein

Enjoying ourselves is a key to securing the future.

While enjoying ourselves may seem an odd solution for today’s social and environmental issues, it makes sense in another way of thinking. The old way of thinking suggests cutting back on material consumption. The new thought is to expand the fulfillment one gets from living, to the point that one doesn't have time for, or interest in, much material consumption. They both address overconsumption, one from a discouraging perspective, the other from an attractive one.

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More Fun Less Stuff

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When the challenges of climate and inequality get you down MORE FUN, LESS STUFF
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