Rules for the Sustainability Game

The objective of the game is long-term well-being.

The basic rules:

Well-being can be sustained when activities:

#1 Use materials in continuous cycles.
#2 Use continuously reliable sources of energy.
#3 Come mainly from the qualities of being human (i.e. creativity, communication, coordination, appreciation, and spiritual and intellectual development.)

Long-term well-being is diminished when activities:

#4 Require continual inputs of non-renewable resources.
#5 Use renewable resources faster than their rate of renewal.
#6 Cause cumulative degradation of the environment.
#7 Require resources in quantities that undermine other people's well-being.
#8 Lead to the extinction of other life forms.

- Do these rules make sense?
- Are there other rules that should be included?
- Would you vote for shifting to this new game?

(Contact us, there is a plan.)

These basic rules are detaild here.