A short annnouncement with an economic uncertainity theme.

Living on Earth as if we want to stay

Its no wonder that the global economy is sputtering away. For most forms of economic growth, our world has little additional capacity. As a species the Human Family is now grown up.

For centuries the industrial world has enjoyed the metabolism of a child. Growing defined our existence. Expanding economic activity has repeatedly diminished problems of debt, poverty and population. Simply by expanding, these issues have become smaller proportionally to society as a whole. Now that we touch the limits of our planet, as food and energy prices indicate, growth can no longer save us. We need more creative ways of dealing with our problems.

Solutions exist. Human beings are an incredible creature, we can easily organize ourselves to lead secure, satisfying lives on this bountiful planet for millions of years to come. We have the knowledge, the skills and more than enough good reasons to adapt. What we lack is the focused will to do so.

"Living on Earth as if we want to stay" is a talk and discussion about transforming to a sustainable world. How can economies be successful without perpetual growth? What options are there? How does a civilization change direction? Where does our greatest hope lie?

For 40 years, Mike Nickerson has studied Cultural Evolution with a particular interest in how we might adapt as society moves from our collective childhood and adolescence to a mature state. He will be speaking:

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Discussion will follow his presentations

For more detail see: http://www.SustainWellBeing.net/challenge_and_goal.html