"Living on Earth as if we want to stay"

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Utopia or Oblivion, by Buckminster Fuller, was published in 1969. The choice remains. Our speaker has been studying Cultural Evolution since Fuller's book came out. Mike Nickerson will speak with us on the topic of his recent book, "Life, Money and Illusion; Living on Earth as if we want to stay."

Life, Money and Illusion shows how solutions to the problems unfolding around us are located at our cultural foundations. While there is a role for technology in the transformation, it is the goal that we are trying to accomplish that will determine our fate. As long as our cultural story calls for perpetual expansion, we will progress toward overshoot and collapse. When we acknowledge that we are stretching planetary limits and set our goal to living within those limits, we have the knowledge and ingenuity needed to secure the future. It is a Question of Direction.

We face a crisis of maturity. Physical growth is good for children; it is not good for adults. The human family is grown up now. "Life, Money and Illusion," details the challenge of accepting our maturity as a species and the opportunities that await when we make that choice. Life did not end for us as individuals when we became adults. In the same way there are great possibilities awaiting our societies when we accept the responsibility that comes with physical maturity.

Following Mike's talk will be time for questions and discussion about adapting our communities and setting a course that can secure, satisfying lives for the grandchildren and the families they will want to raise.



"Our ignorance is not so vast as
our failure to use what we know."
M.K. Hubbert