What people have been saying.

"The Guideposts outline the new paradigm - the values we must embrace to remain successful on this planet. Planning for Seven Generations challenges us to create the future around a vision of what is possible." Leone Pippard
Canadian Ecology Advocates
"Planning for Seven Generations introduces a new way of thinking about our environment, and a new direction for humanity, its message is aimed at the role of each and every individual and at prevailing attitudes in society as a whole." Geralyne Dionne
Resource Center Librarian, Ecological Agriculture Projects
"A work of great transformational power." Jo Davis
from notes accompanying the W.C. Good writing award
"If the environmental revolution of the 90's is to succeed, there must be an educational revolution to support it. Guideposts should be on the front line of this educational revolution" EarthKeeper Magazine
"The ideas in Planning for Seven Generations are more relevant than ever as we face the task of shifting our collective values - and soon - in a direction consistent with a sustainable life-balance. This work is URGENT and IMPORTANT." Gordon Ball
Director Program Development, YMCA Geneva Park