Time for a New Game

The Global Monopoly Game has played out to where the 99% recognize that the 1% has won.

Congratulations to them.

Now it is time for a new game.

Occupy the conventional wisdom.

The "Occupy" movement is about shifting society's goals.  We need to occupy the conventional wisdom (that which is understood to be true and proper).   Our occupation asserts that legitimacy has moved from the goal of maximizing monetary wealth, to a new order based on fair treatment and the long-term well-being of all peoples and other living things.

Portions of a talk at Occupy Ottawa:

Societies change on the leverage of legitimacy.

An early detail coming out of the "Occupy" movement was about its apparent lack of demands.  The sense was that a demand requires an authority that might grant it.  The order of the 1% has lost its legitimacy due to the damage it has caused to communities and the environment.  By occupying the sense of legitimacy, we lay the foundation for a new order.  

Shifting legitimacy can change the course of Civilization.

A free on-line mini-course on Shifting Society's Goals is available here.

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To be truly radical is to make hope possible, 
rather than despair convincing.

Raymond Henry Williams

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