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If you agree with the basic goal of sustainability, you are already a member. Actions taken toward a common goal reinforce each other without preconceived plans.

The Sustainability Project welcomes direct contact with anyone interested in coordinating action to multiply our effectiveness. Let us know how to reach you, what your interests are and any opportunities you know of for cooperation. We will keep you posted on our evolving program.

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Provide as much or as little information about yourself as you like.

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Also, please let us know which information you would be comfortable sharing with other members. If you don't specify, we keep the information to ourselves.
We do not provide information about our members to non-members.

Supporting Membership

The Sustainability Project needs money to carry out its program. We have ongoing expenses and carry a debt load. You can contribute by becoming a supporting member or by making a donation.

Supporting Membership:

Individual $15, Family $25
Payable to Sustainability Project


Any donations to our work will be gratefully received and carefully employed to clarify the goal of sustainability and to promote it as a goal we can choose. Ask about our automatic monthly contribution program. Even small amounts committed to this program are a great help as they enable long term planning.

Cheques made out in Canada to the WFF - Sustainability Project will receive tax creditable receipts.

On line donation options.