There are many ways to help advance a public discussion of goals.

GROWTH has been promoted as the goal of society for so long that most people do not even know that there is a choice to be made. Simply mentioning that the goal is open for review will get people thinking. It is important to be clear that we are talking about material growth.

There are many ways that you can advance the new goal and encourage public discussion about the options:

* Sign on to the list of individuals and organizations calling for a review of the goal of growth. The more who do, the sooner we will have a public discussion about the values that should underlie public (and other) decision making at this time in history. Let us know how to reach you and we can co-operate on calling the question.

* Visit The Challenge and the Goal.
The more clearly that any individual understands the basic problem and solution, the easier it is for others to understand.

* Send people you know the URL for "The Challenge and the Goal." <>

* Ask at sustain5 [at] for free sample cards that make it easy to introduce the Question of Direction. Details about how these materials work are available here. You can also ask for samples at the "Sign On" page.

* Organize a discussion.
Since "Life, Money & Illusion" was published, we have been facilitating discussions on the basic theme wherever possible. If there is interest, we may be able to fit your community into the tour.

Life, Money & Illusion;
Living on Earth as if we want to stay

"Life, Money & Illusion" was written to provide a thorough background on the issues of growth and sustainability and to introduce the Question of Direction program. "Life, Money & Illusion" is summarized here.

* Order a copy for yourself.
* Ask your local bookstores to carry it. (Normal bookstore discounts apply.)
* Ask your local Library to carry it.
* Buy a copy and donate it to your library.

* Order a quantity of "Life, Money & Illusion." Raise some funds for your efforts and help get the book into the hands of others.

* Donate to the Sustainability Project / 7th Generation Initiative by cheque of credit card. We have far more opportunities to advance this program than our volunteer time will allow. With expenses from producing the book still absorbing the proceeds from book sales, we are limited in our ability to advance this program. The fifteen years of preparation have been possible thanks to donations from individuals. Your assistance will make it possible to proceed with the question.

Question of Direction / 7th Generation Initiative
sustain5 [at] (613) 259-9988
or write
RR # 3 Lanark, Ontario, Canada, K0G 1N0

It is important to be clear that we are talking about material growth. While there are practically infinite opportunity for growing our human characteristics, the idea of making a trillion dollar economy expand on this basis is misleading. The way the present system is set up, 3% growth is considered minimal for economic health. For Canada, this requires an increase in monetary activity of over 30 billion dollars a year. In the USA the figure is over 300 billion dollars per year. That is a lot of money to get people to spend on life-based activities, especially when the essential ingredients are theirs by right of being human. Any efforts to develop businesses around human potential should be encouraged, but to suggest that conventional expectations of economic expansion can be met in this way is dangerous. It can leave people with the impression that a fundamental change in direction is not necessary.