Local Food Security

Nothing is more basic to life than food. The quality of our food and the security of its supply are critical to our well-being. There is much debate about the reliability of fossil fueled transport and the effects of long distance travel on nutritional quality. Whatever the conclusions, anyone who has eaten food directly out of a local garden will at test that there is "something special" about it.

Since living things began to eat, until the fossil fuel era, all nutrients were maintained in natural cycles involving local soil. Nutritional quality, local employment and a supply independent and secure from oil politics, all make a local food system desirable. Such a system is the foundation of an order that can serve the needs of our children, their children and the generations following them.

[Name of host organization] is hosting a talk and discussion with Mike Nickerson about "Living on Earth as if we want to stay." Local food security issues will be discussed along with the bigger picture involving shelter, tools, economics and community on our finite planet. Sustainability is possible, but we will have to relax and learn to enjoy ourselves if we expect to achieve it.