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Living on Earth as if we want to stay

Solutions to the economic/ecological challenge of the day was the topic discussed by author and educator Mike Nickerson, when he spoke at [[venue]] at [[where]] [[when]]. Nickerson has studied, written and talked about cultural evolution for thirty-five years with particular attention to sustainability and economics. To mark the launch of the second edition of his book, "Life, Money & Illusion; Living on Earth as if we want to stay," published by New Society Publishers,
he spoke of the responsibility that we have toward today's young and the families they will want to raise.

"A fundamental change has taken place in the relationship between human beings and the Earth" he observed. "It requires an equally fundamental change in how we manage ourselves. The issue is that, while humans had little impact on the Earth for hundreds of thousands of years, this has changed. We now cover most of the planet and are capable of disrupting it's ability to provide for us.

"There are only two laws in nature that we must obey to avoid a trial in "the Court of Natural Selection," Nickerson explained. "One prohibits drawing more resources than the Earth can provide. The other governs situations where the amount of waste produced becomes intolerable, either to the organism producing it or to the environment that supports that organism."

If our society can stay on the right side of these laws, our descendants can enjoy secure lives long into the future. Enjoying living, Nickerson assured those in attendance, is a big part of the solution. "Once we have the material necessities of nutritious food and comfortable shelter, we get far more satisfaction from the "Three 'L's: Learning, Love and Laughter," (sport, art, service, appreciation and the like) than from any material acquisitions. By focusing on living, rather than possessing, we could be having so much fun that we wouldn't have time to harm the planet."

"When we accept responsibility for our new maturity," says Nickerson, "our duty as good citizens will change. Instead of striving to earn and spend as much money as possible, we will aim to live as lightly as possible, enjoy living to the fullest and manage the world in ways that will assure successive generations their place under the Sun. It is a Question of Direction.

Mike Nickerson lives in Eastern Ontario. More on his work is available at:


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