Living on Earth as if We Want to Stay

Discussion Topic

The human family is pressing against planetary limits. Perpetual growth is no longer a viable goal.

Mike Nickerson, author of “Life, Money & Illusion”, explains how our changed relationships with the Earth requires a different approach to mutual provision (the economy).

He describes time tested biological processes and how re-integrating with them can secure long-term well-being.

Children grow. Adults, not so much. The human family has reached physical maturity and, as with individual maturity, accepting responsibility for our strength is accompanied by the vast opportunities of adult life.

By adapting society's economic metabolism to our new situation, many problems can be solved. Humans are capable of great things. Join us for a look at how a shared vision of the new goal can lead to a sustainable future.

The precept More Fun, Less Stuff offers a glimpse of an order that can provide the grandchildren with a positive future.