Bio for Mike Nickerson

In 1971, Mike Nickerson founded the Institute for the Study of Cultural Evolution to look into how change takes place in societies. The study focused on the problems and solutions that motivated voluntary and non-profit organizations. That study resulted in the eight point outline of sustainability on the cards distributed at events.

To clarify the resulting vision and how it might become society’s new goal, Mike has written three books:
Change the World I Want to Stay On (1977),
Planning for Seven Generations (1990) and
Life, Money & Illusion; Living on Earth as if we want to stay, (2006), second edition (2009).

Since "Life, Money and Illusion" was published, he has been touring the country, introducing the Question of Direction. The program encourages people to think and talk about how we might adapt, now that we touch planetary limits and the expansion of human activity is becoming ever more problematic.

Nickerson contends that when we collectively acknowledge that our planet has limits and accept responsibility for living within them, we are fully capable of redirecting our efforts and securing well-being for the next seven generations and beyond.

To support his study and writing habit, Mike designs and builds custom furniture.

His talk is titled "Living on Earth as if we want to stay."