New 11" x 17" Colour Poster, available on request.

Fine print reproduced below.

colour poster

Graphic art donated by a Sustainability Project supporter.
Print quality file available here. (about 2 meg.)

Fine print from poster:

It may be hard to imagine a civilization where the needs of all are met without depreciating the environment, where speculative capital has little choice but to serve real need and where nations and regions have the ability to make decisions in the interest of their people and the environment that supports them. However, such a system is possible!

Remember, we are a tremendously gifted species. Our challenge is not whether or not it is possible to live secure healthy lives for countless generations, our challenge is to identify the direction in which we need to move to accomplish that end, and to exercise our democratic power so that we can proceed to do so.

Join Mike Nickerson, author of the new book "Life, Money & Illusion; Living on Earth as if we want to stay," for a discussion about choosing our future.

(All the text will be clearly readable when the poster is reproduced in its full 11" by 17 " format.)