The Biggest News on Planet Earth

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The biggest news on planet Earth today is that the human family has grown to fill its habitat. Evidence is found in issues around energy, waste accumulation, fresh water, climate, biodiversity and levels of fairness among those who have to share the planet.

Few argue that humanity is stressing the Earth. "Normal" growth would double that stress in a single generation. Most people sense the problems this would cause and would like society to acknowledge, respect and learn to live within our planet's bounds. The Question of Direction aims to give voice to this broad sentiment.

Imagine if everyone knew that the goal of Growth was due for review; that we might signal our collective will to make long-term well-being our primary objective. Opportunities this might produce are outlined here:

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A talk and discussion about:

Living on Earth as if we want to stay

There has been a fundamental change in the relationship between people and the Earth. It used to be that societies could grow out of their troubles. Now, with human activity stretching planetary limits, a new approach is necessary. While the human family is more than capable of securing healthy, satisfying communities far into the future, to do so, we have to choose a new direction.

The solution will be as challenging, proportionally, to our societies as accepting grown-up responsibility is to individuals.

Mike Nickerson, the author of "Life, Money and Illusion; Living on Earth as if we want to stay" has spent 35 years studying Cultural Evolution and how we might adapt to our new circumstances. He will outline promising opportunities that await our collective choice to respect and accommodate planetary limits and key mechanisms by which that choice is advancing. It is a Question of Direction. More at: