A retirement savings plan with a real difference.

Three 'R' Savings Plans are an investment opportunity founded on the premis that our well-being as we age will depend on access to nutritious food, comfortable shelter and supportive relationships with others.

This contrasts with conventional retirement savings plans where old age security is sought solely through monetary return from investment in stocks, bonds, currencies and other financial commodities.

How do RRRSP's work?

Money is invested in the development and maintenance of domestic ecosystems. These are a balanced combination of energy efficient dwellings, soil-food-soil nutrient cycles and a wide variety of other products: clothing, tools and utensils, the supplys of which are maintained through cyclic material use and the power of renewable energy. Also integral to the investment portfolio is an educational element that assures that the skills to develop and service these facilities are maintained, and a research wing to refine the efficiency with which all the above are provided.

Why would one want to invest in RRRSP's instead of mutual funds?

It is a matter of confidence. If you feel comfortable with the present form of planet management, your trust will be with money markets and perpetual economic expansion. If on the other hand you are worried by the cumulative impacts of environmental degradation, resource depletion, and the social instability of increasing poverty, you may view the long-term prospects of the present system with less optimism.

The present system has grown to gigantic proportions yet requires continuous expansion to remain viable, particularly when it comes to servicing retirement funds. Do you feel planetary and social systems can tolerate the impacts of perpetual expansion and increasing inequity for as long as you may live? Your answer will determine where to place your retirement savings bets.

The other reason you may want to invest in Three 'R' SP's
is for your children's sake. RRRSP's are transferable to one's children should they be interested in an environmentally stable lifestyle. Domestic ecosystems require a certain amount of maintenance. This could be provided by your children if they share your interest, or it could be provided by other young people with young families who are interested in stable employment and a solid foundation for their own retirement. If the premis of the RRRSP's is sound, ecologically secure settlement opportunities will be in high demand in the new millennium.

There is a multiplier effect to RRRSP's.

As these funds expand, the level at which they can be invested expands as well. On a small scale they are applied to living units - facilities for the housing and provision of individuals, couples and communities. As the funds expand they can diversify into more and more productive systems for the sustainable provision of the goods and services that make life satisfying. The ultimate expression of the plan would be the transformation of the entire economy from the exploitative model to a sustainable one.

We believe there is a limit to how far the Earth and society can be stretched by the perpetual expansion model. The evidence is not too difficult to understand, so the initial educational component's objective is to clarify the option of creating a sustainable cultural form. As people come to recognize that a pattern is available for social/ecological security, more people will invest in the RRRSP option.

As it expands, the RRRSP process can transform ever larger portions of the waste economy into the sustainable alternative, providing ever greater stability to the entire system. Ultimately, with your participation, we will come to look to the world our children will inherit with more hope than fear.