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Anything you can imagine in solid wood.

Mike Nickerson
furniture and cabinet maker


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Mike Nickerson specializes in taking ideas from your imagination and making them appear in your home or work place.

Inspired as a child in his family's basement workshop, Mike started his own woodworking shop in 1973. Custom Furniture and Woodwork came to Merrickville in 1980 and provided woodworking in the Village until 2004. His new shop near the village of Lanark became operational in 2006.

Custom Design:

If you have been looking for a specific item to fit in a particular place, custom woodworking is for you. "Collect your thoughts, pictures or anything else to help share your idea and I can work with you to clarify the measurements, type of wood, style and finish."

This process applies as much to parts for wooden items as to cabinets and furniture.

Custom Furniture and Woodwork uses primarily solid, furniture grade lumber. If you have boards from a special tree, we can talk about using them as well.

Some of the best furniture wood in the world grow around here:
Oak, Ash, Cherry, Pine, Butternut,
Maple, Walnut, Birch.

Other woods are available on request.

tables, dressers, desks, beds, looms, corner cupboards, bars, shelving, spinning wheels, stools, benches, stairs, plate rails, boxes, spoon racks, candlesticks, picture frames, doors, windows, mirrors, entertainment centres, chairs, high chairs, knife racks, signs, armoire, hutches, cupboards, cradles, kitchens, room dividers, display furniture, plant racks, wall units, lamp bases and

almost anything else.


Old furniture can be made better than new.
When furniture has been around for a long time the joints can get loose. Sometimes pieces gets damaged or lost. Broken pieces can be carefully glued; damaged pieces repaired or replaced; missing parts recreated and the whole item can be reglued and refinished.

The result is a piece of furniture as strong and useful as when it was first made with the added benefit of its accumulated sentimental value.

"The leg of our Victorian chaise lounge had broken off leaving only a half inch square of the original touching the floor. Mike glued blocks of wood onto the stub, carved out the ball and claw motif and finished it so closely to the original that we have to stop to figure out which leg was broken."

Jim Pendergast


Working from plans, a picture
or an existing piece of furniture;
traditional designs
can be reproduced to order.

Your reproduction can be built
to the original size or scaled
to preferred dimensions.

Special Gifts:

Looking for a very special gift? Using a combination of fine joinery, parquetry, carving and appliqué, Mike has created many elegant and ornate boxes over the years. These items are of heirloom quality and can be expected to stay in the family for generations.

Whether shaping a repair, adding a design in relief or sculpting the stump in the back yard, Mike can sense shapes in wood. With saws, chisels and sand paper he can bring them out for all to see.

This custom woodworking business has provided the income and flexibility for the development of the Sustainability Project, Inviting Debate and the Question of Direction.

Custom Furniture & Woodwork

Mike Nickerson
(613) 482-1208

2799 McDonald's Corners Rd.
Lanark, Ontario
K0G 1K0

Last Update: August 25, 2005